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Our Why

We created Proa Athletics for the individual who is looking to empower themselves to be better with each choice moving forward....not perfect....just better! We truly believe that you cannot stay the same from day to day. You can improve or you can decline! One way or another the things you choose to do now will have an impact on the future. Luck is minute compared to how well you are prepared and focused. By choosing to get better you will inevitably improve others around you. You have the power to inspire others and we are here to help you do just that!


The term "proa" is a Western term for what is known as an outrigger canoe with sails. We know it as a symbol of strength, speed, ingenuity, and pride. Our founder and owner Christopher Guerrero is a CHamoru from Guam where "proa" is known more as Sakman. The ocean-going vessel was known to be one of the fastest by European accounts in the sixteenth through eighteenth centuries. The proa was built with interchangeable steering capabilities making it a first of its kind to change directions without turning. Maneuverability and innovation are major components of a proa and are guiding principles for our training methods. We want to enable efficient and sustainable movement patterns to increase performance and longevity. We strive to do the little things correctly every day and use the term "proa" to remember that small things performed consistently over time will add up to large amounts and in turn great achievements!


Along with movement, we believe in addressing recovery elements such as nutrition, sleep, and mental strength at the forefront of any level of athleticism. If we can understand and be aware of limiting factors in relation to your nutrition and everyday habitual choices then we can make the necessary plans to perform at our best. With knowledge comes responsibility and with the improved knowledge of helpful nutrition and daily habits, we will naturally do what is right. It is a deep human attribute to live happily and we base our choices every day on what we think is important to us. Know your true why and the choices become clear... not easy.....but clear.


To inspire, educate, and develop others towards their greatest athletic potential. We strive to invigorate others to achieve their dreams and create a regenerative ecosystem that uplifts our community.

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