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We are a Sports Performance training facility focused on helping purpose driven athletes, and those who wish to train like them, achieve their dreams!

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Our Team

Chris Guerrero

Head Coach/Founder


Chris is a Strength Coach and lifelong learner with a passion for helping others along their journey to improve and get better every day. Education and empowerment are the tools that Chris believes will help achieve your desired outcomes.  Chris has an athletic background in outrigger paddling, baseball, basketball, tennis, swimming, volleyball, and golf. He enjoys coaching the skills necessary for rotational efficiency and power which are highly coveted in most athletic movements. Nutrition, rotation-specific training, and overall athleticism can be called his specialties however Chris naturally enjoys helping others improve at what they are striving to achieve from the physical aspects to mental aptitude. 

Zach Wagonis

Performance Coach


Zach is a personal trainer and coach who has been involved in sports his entire life. He competed in water polo and swimming throughout childhood and as an adult at Palomar College. When he began training others at the University of California in Davis, he quickly found that he loves to help people achieve their goals in fitness and athletic endeavors. Now in San Diego, he’s helping others do just that. He believes that two important aspects of leading a healthy life are to always strive to learn new things and have fun during the journey.

Nick Chinchilla

Performance Coach


Growing up, I immersed myself in playing sports and was always intrigued on how the human body can compete at higher levels. Athletics and becoming a Strength and Conditioning coach is the main reason I continued my education to study kinesiology & exercise science. During my undergrad, I volunteered in S&C facilities, physical therapy clinics and aquatic biomechanics labs. Having the motivation to teach others how to transform unhealthy habits into fueling healthy minds and bodies stems from being an athlete and taking the proper steps to moving carefree. My goal is to pursue a career in strength and conditioning while instilling rehabilitation for those coming off an injury or need a new perspective on utilizing functional movement patterns to live a healthier lifestyle. A philosophy I live by is learning how to be comfortable while being uncomfortable is a great tool to have in becoming adaptable in life. It all starts from within and I am here to help you through those difficult times in becoming a better you!

Victor Valentino

Performance Coach


Victor has been in the health and fitness industry for over 25 years as a Personal Trainer/Fitness Coach, Pilates Instructor, and Corrective Alignment Specialist. He truly enjoys helping people achieve their goals. Victor is a big believer in having proper alignment for the body to function and work at its optimum capacity. So he’s a big stickler on correct form and really instills in his clients using proper technique to get the best results. Victor is a rehab specialist and has worked with many of his clients over the years, helping them recover from any injury, ailment, or surgery they have had, whether it’s the knee, hip, low-back, shoulders, etc. Victor has helped many of his clients recover post-surgery and get them back to a normal, pain-free function. Victor's father was a gymnast and diver, and from a very young age, he got his children involved in sports and athletics. Victor's passions early in life were soccer, basketball, football and his true passions were In Windsurfing and Skiing. He is still very passionate about skiing and goes quite often over the winter. Overall Victor is passionate about life and helping others better themselves.

Steph Tanguay

Performance Coach


Training at Proa has inspired me to enhance my athletic performance and shown me just how physically strong I can be. Now I want to inspire members to be their best, help them reach their fitness goals, and show them what Proa has taught me. With 10 years of training and an undefeated amateur record in Muay Thai, I am excited to bring my talent to Proa and be part of helping others along the way in their fitness journey.

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Stronger Together

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